Neverwinter Announces Masquerade of Liars Festival

By Tam Mageean
neverwinter festival

"Why is Valindra Shadowmantle talking to the citizens of Neverwinter? Why are there phantasmal transformations all around Protector's Enclave? Could it the upcoming Masquerade of Liars Festival? It must be!"

Better late than Never...winter! Most Halloween events are already in full swing in the MMO community, with treasure hunts, costume parties and ghost busting galore, but over in the Dungeons and Dragons inspired realm of Neverwinter, all was silent...until now. At long last, the crew over at Cryptic Studios have announced their own Neverwinter Halloween event, the Masquerade of Liars festival.

In Neverwinter, Lord Neverember has decreed that from October 29th, for 6 whole days, the citizens will celebrate the traditional holiday of Liars' Night, where frivolity and misrule consume the realm.

Neverwinter Masquerade of Liars screenshot

Neverwinter has been decked out in spectral artifacts and phantasmal transformations. The event promises that you can celebrate "the freedom of appearing to be someone or something you're not". Keep your Ecto-goggles handy, as the free to play MMORPG will be filled with shape shifting illusionists, pranksters and ghouls.

Costumes and treats will be dished out to participants, which will be announced soon in an upcoming Neverwinter Halloween Blog on the official site.

The event launches on October 29th at 10am PST with more to be announced on the day.


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