Tabletop Gaming Returns as Day of the Dungeon Master Event Begins in Neverwinter

By Jeff Francis
Neverwinter Day of the Dungeon Master event begins

Some of the best events in Neverwinter history are returning to the fantasy-based online rpg today. Players will begin visiting the Burrow Dawn Inn again to be run through the wringer by Flabbergast and Mr. Snibbly as the Neverwinter Day of the Dungeon Master event is now live. This event brings back both Respen's Marvelous Game and Portobello's Campaign, which bring the joy of tabletop gaming to the online game.

The Neverwinter Day of the Dungeon Master event pays homage to the pen-and-paper role-playing roots of the mmo, which is Dungeons and Dragons. Players will find their characters transformed into miniatures as they go on adventures that are played out on tabletop scenery. All of the previous rewards offered for both Portobello's Campaign and Respen's Marvelous Game are once again available, including the elusive Beholder Personal Tank (which I covet!).

Neverwinter Portobello

The Neverwinter Day of the Dungeon Master event will run for four weeks, and a new trial will open up each week. The trials that mmo players can face include:

Trial of Traps (Week One): If you sign up for the first test, Trial of Traps, Flabbergast will take you to an Underdark dungeon filled with... well... traps, as well as angry Drow to fight. Rest assured you will be judged. Constantly.

Artificer's Workshop (Week Two): Attempting to complete the Artificer’s Workshop isn’t a task for the faint of heart. The whole place has been filled with a noxious gas emanating from a beholder tank that’s in for repairs. As you might guess, it’s in desperate need of cleaning as well.

A Rock Falls (Week Three): The caves near the Burrow Dawn Inn are infested with Cultists who are summoning demons in from other planes. This has caused some instability in the nearby area, which means an opportunity for you. Protect Flabbergast and make sure no rocks fall on his head.

Strange Things at the Burrow Dawn Inn (Week Four): The training fields and race track have been trashed by denizens of the Underdark that have beset the Burrow Dawn Inn. Being an efficient and frugal evaluator, Flabbergast has brought you here to clean up the mess. Don’t worry about him missing any of the heroic actions you take while cleaning up the mess, he’ll have his green eye on you.

Will you be running around a tabletop, enjoying the Neverwinter Day of the Dungeon Master event? Let us know in the comments below.


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