Neverwinter campaign system coming in "Fury of the Feywild"

By Michael Jamias
neverwinter campaign system

Neverwinter is cranking out a campaign system that spans three regions in the upcoming Fury of the Feywild expansion.

The Neverwinter campaign system will be a meta-quest feature that allows mmorpg players to unlock three regions of Sharandar, according to a developer blog post over the weekend.

The campaign starts with players talking to Sergeant Knox and will be shown in a new user interface window. Players can open the campaign window to find projects to complete, which will then unlock Sharandar regions, the new Malabog Castle dungeon delve and additional character passive powers.

The campaign system basically creates a to-do list for players to complete in the rpg world, and helps give some structure to one's progression.

Players will be asked to complete repeatable quests to obtain rewards required in the campaign system. They will also need to complete solo instances as well as the 5-man Malabog Castle.

As players go through the challenges under the campaign system, they will begin to rack up fantastic gear and items. For example, T2 gear will drop from Malabog Castle runs and T1 gear may also be earned from grinding repeatable campaign projects.

The campaign system is only one of the features packed into the Fury of the Feywild content expansion module releasing sometime this summer.


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