Another free play Neverwinter beta weekend set for April 12-14

By Michael Jamias
neverwinter beta weekend april 12 14

Neverwinter hosts its fourth Beta Weekend promising free play for all participants starting April 12 (12pm PDT) until April 14 (11:59pm PDT).

This latest beta round came as a surprise for fans who had initially expected only three free play weekends, which were held throughout February and March.

“This Beta Weekend is our way of thanking you for supporting our game,” said developer Cryptic Studios, suggesting that the beta weekends have so far garnered healthy interest and trial among online rpg games fans.

Cryptic Studios said that the April 12 beta weekend will offer players their first-ever look at Professions, Gateway and the new power customization system, which lets players select their powers as they level up.

Crafters can begin exploring five professions: Leadership, Tailoring, Leatherworking, Mailsmithing, and Platesmithing. The crafting system works similarly to other MMO titles--each profession will have their own set of required assets and offer scaling rewards with increased proficiency.

But what should set crafting apart in Neverwinter is the Gateway feature, a web portal that allows players to continue working on Professions and managing items on the Auction House from anywhere with internet access. Those who access the Gateway will also be able to view each of their character's gear, stats, and guild activity

Cryptic Studios also explained that the new power customization system was developed based on fan feedback that favored player choices over linear, pre-determined progression. The developer said each power can be leveled up in multiple ranks, and players will have the satisfaction of deciding which powers to spend points on.


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