Drag racing skids into Need for Speed World

By Michael Jamias
need for speed world drag racing

Need for Speed World’s new Drag Mode puts your gear shifting skills to the test.

Players can join the multiplayer Drag Mode by searching for a lobby in Match-Making or by creating a Private Match to compete against their online rpg racing friends. With four different environments and six drives competing for the top plum, Drag Mode will challenge even the most seasoned drivers.

“Once players get off the line they’re going to need to simultaneously manage their gear shifts while keeping an eye on the race to avoid opponents and traffic. Great gear shifting is vital to any victory on the drag strip so players will want to change gears in the green zone to get a perfect shift and a nitrous boost,” said Need for Speed World developer EA in a release.

Together with Drag Mode, the mmo racing game is also introducing Drag Skills Mods, which will give drivers an edge when drag racing. These rpg mods include:

  • Aero Drag Reduction – Improves aerodynamic properties on the car, improving overall performance in Drag races. This is exclusive to Drag Cars and cannot be won from Lucky Draw or Card Packs.
  • Launch Grip – Improves acceleration in Drag races by enhancing tire grip at race start. Can be purchased from the cash store or won from Lucky Draw & Card Packs.
  • Gear Ratio Enhancement – Increases the size of the RPM band required to hit a Perfect or Good Shift. Perfect Shifts give a small boost and the RPM range to hit gets smaller each gear. Can be purchased from the cash store or won from Lucky Draw & Card Packs.

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