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need for speed world sunset
We talk a lot on here about the rise of racing mmo games and, particularly about how the racing mmo renaissance is happening right now. However, titles like Driveclub and The Crew aren't the first to explore this territory - in fact, it's been visited any times before. Up until 2014, very few racing mmo titles saw any success, but Need for Speed World (or, Need for Speed World Online, as it was originally known) stood up among them. Paving the ...
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Jul 15 2015
need for speed world shutting down
Need For Speed World has had a good run, operating for five years as a racing free to play mmo, but the joy ride will be over on July 15 when servers shut down permanently.In preparation for the Need For Speed World shutdown, the developers have already disabled purchases of SpeedBoosts items but players with remaining online rpg currency can still spend it until July 14. New account registrations have also been disabled already so there wil...
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Apr 20 2015
need for speed world drag racing
Need for Speed World’s new Drag Mode puts your gear shifting skills to the test. Players can join the multiplayer Drag Mode by searching for a lobby in Match-Making or by creating a Private Match to compete against their online rpg racing friends. With four different environments and six drives competing for the top plum, Drag Mode will challenge even the most seasoned drivers. “Once players get off the line they’re going to need to simultaneou...
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Nov 07 2012