Navy Field 2 moors into open beta under shower of Nexon Cash

By Michael Jamias
navy field 2 open beta

Captains can now jump into sea-based military mmorts sequel with very enticing Nexon Cash incentives.

Navy Field 2 developer Nexon Europe said that the first 5,000 players to reach level 10 and level 15 until April 24 will receive 1,000 and 1,500 Nexon Cash respectively "as an appreciation of their dedication to the war effort." Nexon Cash can be spent on the cash shop for Navy Field 2 and other mmo games like MapleStory under the Nexon umbrella.

Nexon Europe also said it will be reducing the cost of fleet creation from 150,000 credits to only 5,000 credits -- a huge reduction that should encourage players to establish formidable fleets.

In Navy Field 2, fleets provide considerable resilience and power as solo players gain the support of allied ships when engaged in combat in the rough seas. Nexon Europe will further reward fast-growing fleets with a reward of up to 100,000 free credits for fleets that reach 10, 20 and 30 member milestones with an average captain level of 15.

Up to 64 players can battle at any time in Navy Field 2 from a selection of over 170 ships across several countries, each ship customizable up to the crew level to give captains utmost freedom in amassing naval power.

Captains can quickly raise their level by participating in the historic campaigns in Navy Field 2, which include some of the most exciting and iconic naval conflicts in World War I and II, such as Battles of Dover, Midway and Solomon Isles. History buffs will appreciate the accuracy of the in-game fleets in each campaign, crafted in painstaking detail to mirror the original fleets.


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