Navy Field 2 launches with a Nexon Cash bang

By Michael Jamias
navy field 2 launches

After three weeks of open beta, the military mmorts sequel has sailed to full release.

Nexon Europe is marking the launch of Navy Field 2, the successor to the 2007 NavyField strategy rpg title, with a "massive" NX cash event, possibly more lavish than the shower of currency it rained on players during the April open beta.

Navy Field 2 is set in the tumultuous campaigns of World War I and II, and players will be tasked on commanding a fleet -- from building it ship by ship to fielding them out to battle -- in large-scale conflicts that can reach up to 64 players.

New players in Navy Field 2 will be rewarded for simply enlisting and reaching level 5, which will unlock 1000 NX cash to their account. The cash incentive though lasts only for two weeks until May 15.

Meanwhile, veteran captains will find their mmo inventories filled with new NX items. Veterans, also known as the original royal members, will receive NX items for their top levelled character. These items can be redeemed via the Event menu.

The Navy Field 2 cash shop is now also fully operational, selling a range of upgrades such as premium ships that can sway victory in a player’s favor.


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