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navy field 2 launches
After three weeks of open beta, the military mmorts sequel has sailed to full release. Nexon Europe is marking the launch of Navy Field 2, the successor to the 2007 NavyField strategy rpg title, with a "massive" NX cash event, possibly more lavish than the shower of currency it rained on players during the April open beta. Navy Field 2 is set in the tumultuous campaigns of World War I and II, and players will be tasked on commanding a fleet -- ...
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May 03 2013
navy field 2 open beta
Captains can now jump into sea-based military mmorts sequel with very enticing Nexon Cash incentives. Navy Field 2 developer Nexon Europe said that the first 5,000 players to reach level 10 and level 15 until April 24 will receive 1,000 and 1,500 Nexon Cash respectively "as an appreciation of their dedication to the war effort." Nexon Cash can be spent on the cash shop for Navy Field 2 and other mmo games like MapleStory under the Nexon umbrella...
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Apr 19 2013