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    Naval War Arctic Circle: launch
    Launch naval strikes or send helictopters from your ships. After messing around with the UI you can figure out how to use some of ...
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    Naval War Arctic Circle: height
    As your helicopter approaches its destination, you can increase or decrease its elevation....
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    Naval War Arctic Circle: incoming
    Look out! There's a torpedo incoming!...
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    Naval War Arctic Circle: options
    Naval War has both signle and multiplayer. Play through the campaign to learn the mechanics of the game....
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Naval War Arctic Circle Gameplay

Naval War Arctic Circle Gameplay

Naval War Arctic Circle is a real-time naval strategy game from developer Turbo Tape Games and publisher Paradox Interactive. The game takes place in the not-so-distant future of 2030, a time when the polar ice caps are melting at incredible speeds. The thawing glaciers reveal incredible resources hidden deep in the ice, and two competing factions wage war on the seas for control of the Arctic Circle. These two factions are the NATO and Russia, each one with a full campaign filled with daring fleet battles at sea. Skirmishes will span from the North Atlantic to the Arctic Ocean to the Baltic Sea, and you will need to coordinate a full navy fleet composed of ships, submarines and aircraft to secure victory.

If there’s anything that enthusiasts will like about Naval War Arctic Circle, it’s the authenticity of each ship and armament in-game. Most of the units and equipment, along with their statistics and capabilities, were based closely on their real-life versions, obviously a result of the close consultation developers made with the Royal Norwegian Navy. This puts the rpg in Naval War Arctic Circle, as you get to sink your teeth into the role of a high-ranking naval and air force commander. The game also impresses with its huge map areas, over 35 million sq km of open sea and coast line according to developers, which can be explored and used for grand-scale tactical planning. And the weapons – relish in the powerful arsenal at your disposal, including surface-to-air missiles, submarine torpedoes and air-dropped bombs.

Unit management lies at the heart of success in Naval War Arctic Circle. New commanders will have to learn how the strengths and weaknesses of each unit at their disposal, and use them to scout, detect, and neutralize targets from the opposing fleet. Rushing headlong with all cannons blazing will not always win you the war. Sometimes a stealth mission or an evasive retreat will be needed to give you an advantage, and complete all objectives. Naval War Arctic Circle also sets itself apart from other strategy rpg games with its unique location targeting mechanic. Just like in real life, you will be able to use radars and sonars to hopefully spot targets before they spot you. If done effectively, you can protect your fleet from submarine strikes and even launch your own pre-emptive assault. Naval War Arctic Circle offers an online multiplayer mode, where to players can duke it out via Steam services.

By Rachel Rosen

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