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  • Myst Online: char

    Myst Online: char
    There are numerous character creation options in Myst Online. While there may not be classes, you can spend a long time customizin...
    Myst Online: char

    Myst Online: port

    Myst Online: port
    You can teleport to areas that you have unlocked. Hit f3 to pull up the book....
    Myst Online: port

    Myst Online: npcs

    Myst Online: npcs
    NPCs will often guide you to nearby puzzles and may even offer hints....
    Myst Online: npcs

    Myst Online: puzzle

    Myst Online: puzzle
    Mystc Online is not your traditional action combat style MMO. Like the original, Myst, it is focused on puzzle solving....
    Myst Online: puzzle

Myst Online Gameplay

Myst Online Gameplay

Myst Online: URU Live is a free mmo developed and published by Cyan Worlds. Myst Online is open source. This means that, to a certain extent, players can be directly and actively involved in the development and create their own content. Myst Online attempts to bring a fresh mmo experience that encourages players to explore and discover the world, rather than get sucked into the questing and get gear mechanism. Players can team up, communicate via chat or voice and work together to uncover Myst Online world. D’ni were an ancient civilization that lived underground. They perfected a technique called “the art of writing” and were able to travel to alternative worlds (called “ages”) using linking books. A great disaster struck D’ni world and all their knowledge was lost. Human explorers found the remains of D’ni civilization and are anxious to discover its secrets. However, evil lurks in the shadows.

Myst Online has quite a development history. It all started in 1993 when the first game from the Myst series was launched. Myst Online is the multiplayer component of Uru: Ages Beyond Myst, the fourth title of series. A few publishers were changed and Myst Online was even shut down for a few years. In 2010, Cyan Worlds, the developing company, took over the publishing rights and released Myst Online: URU Live as a free mmo. Myst Online gameplay is all about puzzle solving. Players can shape and change their own dimension (age) according to their preferences. The situation changes when interacting with other players. All of them share one single, persistent Myst Online world. Myst Online has both first and third person camera perspectives. Third person view allows a broader angle when exploring but first person is better for taking closer looks. Myst Online avatars can have customized appearance details and outfits. To advance a character means uncovering Myst Online secrets and that is done by completing episodes.

Players have several types of Myst Online servers to choose from. Besides the official Myst Online servers, there also are player created servers. This feature became possible when Myst Online made the game engine public. Rules might be different on these servers. Sometimes bugs and glitches may occur but that’s part of the fun. Players can test features and give their feedback. It’s a way for gamers to help Myst Online improve. Another way to support Myst Online mmo is donating money or advertising Myst Online so it increases its popularity. At the moment, there is a decent number of active players but a bigger playerbase cannot hurt.

By Rachel Rosen

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