MU Rebirth's Second Beta Celebration Begins

By Josh Wirtanen
MU Rebirth's Second Beta Celebration Begins

We mentioned not too long ago that MU Rebirth, the upcoming PvP-heavy MMORPG follow-up to MU Online, was preparing for another Beta Celebration. Well, the time is now upon us; the MU Rebirth Second Beta Celebration has swung wide its doors.

This time around, there is no beta key required; just hop in and start your grind to the top. Players who get their feet in the door now will have their progress carry over into the full game when it launches, as Webzen is promising there will be no more character wipes.

We've already mentioned the W Coin and in-game cash giveaways that is currently taking place in our Giveaways section, but on top of those, there are some great events to take part in. First of all is the Epic Moment Event, which rewards players for uploading videos of their greatest in-game moments to video sharing sites like YouTube. While anyone who participates will earn 500 W Coins, there will be heftier prizes for the top three videos with the most views.

There's also the New Player Level Up Event, which rewards those who are new to Webzen's games. These prizes are only available to those who signed up for a Webzen account after August 30, 2012.

Finally, there are GM Events, which have GMs from all over the world hosting their own special events. According to an official press release: "Players can win virtual prizes and currency by participating in special missions, team building exercises and fun events inspired by popular games like Hide and Seek, Word Scramble and Capture the Flag."

MU Rebirth Opens Its Second Beta Celebration


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