MU Rebirth Announces Second Beta Celebration

By Josh Wirtanen
MU Rebirth Announces Second Beta Celebration

MU Rebirth, the new PVP-heavy adaptation of the classic RPG MU Online, has recently announced its Second Beta Celebration. This special event is open to all players and doesn't require a beta key of any sort.

The MU Rebirth Second Beta Celebration is set to being on August 8 at 2AM (local server time) and end on August 21 at 8AM (local server time). All progress made during the event will transfer over to the actual game when it launches.

Webzen is also handing out some rewards for players who take part in the beta. First of all, players will earn W Coins. Webzen explains how that will work: "Players will be rewarded with W Coins just for being a part of MU Rebirth’s second beta! All participants who log into the game will automatically receive 100 W Coins. For every 10 Rebirths, each player will receive an additional 100 W Coins (Players will be rewarded for up to 50 Rebirths, which can be redeemed for 500 W Coins). The Top 10 Rebirth Players will also be rewarded with 10,000 W Coins." The W Coins will be distributed on August 28.

Secondly, Webzen will be teaming up with MMO sites across the net to hand out free in-game cash. So definitely stay tuned for more on that.


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