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  • MU Rebirth: levels

    MU Rebirth: levels
    The levels come fast and furious in MU Rebirth. Be prepared to gain a level after every kill. Use your stat points to increase sta...
    MU Rebirth: levels

    MU Rebirth: teleport

    MU Rebirth: teleport
    Hit 'm' to bring up your location finder. From here, you can teleport to areas of the correct level for a fee. Or bring up the map...
    MU Rebirth: teleport

    MU Rebirth: combat

    MU Rebirth: combat
    Combat is similar to action RPG style games. The game is in a 3rd person, isometric pespective and involves hotkeys and killing wa...
    MU Rebirth: combat

    MU Rebirth: quests

    MU Rebirth: quests
    Complete quests, including the tutorial quest, for rewards like gold and experience. The quest givers also give players a damage a...
    MU Rebirth: quests

MU Rebirth Gameplay First Look - HD

MU Rebirth Gameplay First Look - HD

Itching to show everyone that you're the best crushing other players in intense PvP action? If so, then look no further than MU Rebirth, the free mmorpg developed by Webzen. This action-packed game is based upon the popular MU Online, but has some gameplay differences and focuses especially on player-versus-player combat.

Set in a vibrant 3D fantasy world, MU Rebirth begins with players choosing their class. Each class has their own unique playing style with their own specific powers and items. As players level up, they become more powerful gaining the ability to acquire new skills, spells, and weapons. Higher level characters can venture into new maps, which have level restrictions upon them in order to keep lower level characters out. The higher the level the map, the greater the rewards but also greater the risk from stronger enemies.

MU Rebirth is based upon MU Online's gaming style, but tweaks it to make it more unique. This mmorpg game focuses on the hack-and-slash elements from the older game and is highly PvP oriented. As this game focuses on player-versus-player, steps were taken to even the playing field. A great deal of work has gone into making sure that the various classes are balanced to one another, according to Jun Hyeok, the game's main producer. Players will no longer have to sigh in frustration as they did in the past when someone playing a Rage Fighter popped up on the screen.

To get players quickly into the action of throwing down against each other, the leveling process has been extremely streamlined in MU Rebirth. Players can now expect to level all the way up to level 400, the maximum level in the game, in just one to two hours of gameplay. However, leveling quickly to max level doesn't mean that there's no further advancement. Players will be able to make their characters more powerful by using the game's Rebirth Feature. This feature occurs when the player's character reaches level 400 and then they choose to start their characters at level 1 again, but getting to keep their stats at the same level.

Mu Rebirth is a free-to-play mmorpg and this is reflected in the game's items. Players can purchase the game's approximately 500 items from the game's item shop by spending Free Credit. These credits can be earned through normal gameplay.

While MU Online has many private servers, MU Rebirth will be hosted on official servers in order to provide better service and quality. This action-oriented game will be fully supported by Webzen.  They have recruited GMs from various countries to better handle the needs of the global audience as well as hosting monthly PvP events that gives out cash prizes. If you think you can handle the PvP action, and if you're good enough, perhaps you can win some dough by conquering all those who dare to stand against you.

By Jeff Francis


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