MU Online Season 8.2 update deals new card game

By Michael Jamias
mu online season 8 2 new card game

The newly activated patch for MU Online introduces the fun MU ROOMY card game, snazzy accessories and a few more features.

MU Roomy is a mini card game where MU Online players have to find pairs from one set of hidden cards. But to be able to collect the cards, players must first do a bit of monster-hunting since the mobs will drop the cards.

Through luck and grinding, MU Roomy fanatics stand to receive excellent-grade item rewards and a cache of currency in the online rpg.

The MU Online Season 8.2 update also brings out more bling for players to wear, with new accessories that contain special defensive benefits for PvP.

The free to play mmo will also see quite a few quality-of-life improvements such as a new feature that lets players search their private store for items. This will cut down the time and frustration when finding an item from one's stash.

The user interface even received a makeover meant to make it more conducive for party play, said MU Online developers.

To mark the launch of the new update, there will be a series of promotions until July 31 such as free item giveaways as well as MU Roomy ranking events.


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