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mu online mu legend global beta autumn
The mmo world won't have to wait till next year to check out the biggest beta phase planned for MU Legend. The MU Legend global beta will be exploding into the scene this fall, according to an announcement from WEBZEN, and multiple language support and further beta tests were confirmed. MU Legend, the highly anticipated follow-up to the dark fantasy online rpg MU Online, brings stunning hack 'n' slash combat to the hands of the international co...
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Sep 01 2016
mu online mu legend 2016 launch
Korean mmorpg fans, put on your tallest boots and prepare to wade into the flood of titles Webzen will be launching this year. The Webzen 2016 Korean launch lineup has just been unveiled through a video and presentation, and it includes the highly anticipated MU Online prequel, MU Legend. The trailer showcase below gives a taste of the several titles that will land on Korean gamer hands over the next 7 months, and includes a variety of game typ...
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Mar 29 2016
mu online season 11 release date
What awaits MU Online adventurers in the kingdom of Ferea? That question will be answered in roughly a week as Webzen announced that the MU Online Season XI update, which will introduce Ferea map and other features, will go live on March 8. Ferea is a majestic, flourishing realm in the Tarkan Desert located south of Citrie Island. It is teeming with people and magnificent structures, and not a place for the weak and inexperienced. Only players...
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Feb 27 2016
mu online summer events 2015
MU Online fans can look forward to scorching conflict this June as developers kick of a pair of summer events. The first of two MU Online summer events kicks off on June 9. Titled "Evomon Evolves!" the event summons the huntable evolution monstrosity known as Evomon.In order to challenge Evomon, players must collect 25 SUmmoning Scroll Fragments from slain monsters which then convert into the Evomon summoning scroll. Large doses of caution a...
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Jun 09 2015
mu online march events
The last half of March is chockful of in-game activities for MU Online fans, from leprechaun debauchery to early Easter festivities.Two of the three MU Online March events kick off on the 16th. The first is the Search for the Strongest Server in the free online rpg, which runs from March 16 to 22. Developers will reveal the results of the survey conducted on March 11 to 13, and players who guess the winners Battle Core Chaos Castle and Torme...
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Mar 16 2015
mu online battle core server
An intense cross-server battle royale makes its way to MU Online with the launch of the Battle Core server. Imagine heroes hailing from different servers coming together and fighting their all in one cutthroat server -- that's the compelling premise of the MU Online Battle Core server.The Battle Core server comes online after the scheduled maintenance on February 3 (UTC), and it will be available to all players in the medieval online rpg onc...
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Feb 02 2015
mu online december holiday events
A duo of MU Online December holiday events will try to keep you in good cheer with their daily gifts and tickets to Santa's secret home.The first event asks whether you want to build a Christmas tree, which is also just another way of inquiring whether you want to pick up daily login rewards. See, MU Online will give players with a character level 100 a stamp each day they visit the event page here and click the STAMP button from December 9 t...
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Dec 08 2014
mu online november harvest events
A trifecta of MU Online events will have you harvesting, hunting and sharing this month of November. The dark fantasy online rpg has kicked off what's shaping up to be a hectic three weeks with the MU Harvest Madness event, which lasts until November 20. All four servers will compete in a multi-stage fan voting tournament, and in the end the victor will bring glory and exclusive in-game advantages to his or her home server, including a coveted w...
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Nov 06 2013
mu online season 8 2 new card game
The newly activated patch for MU Online introduces the fun MU ROOMY card game, snazzy accessories and a few more features. MU Roomy is a mini card game where MU Online players have to find pairs from one set of hidden cards. But to be able to collect the cards, players must first do a bit of monster-hunting since the mobs will drop the cards. Through luck and grinding, MU Roomy fanatics stand to receive excellent-grade item rewards and a cache ...
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Jul 12 2013