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  • Mu Online: merchant

    Mu Online: merchant
    Merchant inventories will remind you of the days of Diablo and Diablo 2....
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    Mu Online: quest

    Mu Online: quest
    NPCs with cyan colored names have quests for you. Talk to them and work on these missions for experience rewards. Some quests are ...
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    Mu Online: combat

    Mu Online: combat
    Combat is similar to action RPG style games. Use abilities to kill monsters. Your action bar is left click, QWERT and 1-5....
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    Mu Online: stat

    Mu Online: stat
    Remember to spend your stat points as you level up. This is one way to specialize your character in Mu Online....
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MU Online Gameplay

MU Online Gameplay

MU Online is a medieval free to play mmo developed and published by Webzen. MU Online, released in 2003, is one of the first mmo games ever made. It had a huge popularity and is still played by a fair number of players. Webzen is continually updating and improving MU Online. Some of the MU Online features include: questing, rpg character development, dungeon runs and PvP options. Player interaction is fully supported. Auto hunting mode allows players to automatically pick up loot, use potions and cast abilities.

MU Online class system has 5 free options and 2 that must be unlocked with premium features. Dark Knights are perfect for those who like to use swords. Besides various sword wielding techniques, Dark Knights also have defending abilities. Dark Wizards are spell casters and they have good energy. They can also teleport or poison their enemies. Fairy Elves are a hybrid class, skilled with bows and magic. The Magic Gladiator is a mix between knight and wizard. They are great for players who prefer to wield swords but also cast spells. The Dark Lord can call his dark horse and dark raven to aid him in battle. Another MU Online class that uses minions is the Summoner. They also have life leeching spells. Rage Fighters have good strength and use charge attacks. Each MU Online rpg class has 4 main stats: agility, strength, vitality, energy and a hp pool. In general, melee classes that deal physical damage favor strength and agility and casters need energy. Dark Lords have a specific stat called command, this is related to pet abilities. Gearing up and getting best weapons is an important part of MU Online gameplay. Lucky tickets are items that can be exchanged for various equipment. Items can be upgraded by using jewels of soul.

Skilled MU Online players can adventure in dungeons and take part in events. Blood Castle is a dungeon with a rescue/retrieve item objective and players must craft a cloak of invisibility to enter it. Castle Siege is a PvP event. Chaos Castle is also a MU Online mmo PvP event that supports up to 100 participants. Players that abuse the PvP system gain the outlaw rank and this can lead to several disadvantages. CryWolf is a PvE event for players above level 10. Players that don't mind taking risks should visit Moss the Gambler. This is a special NPC that sells random items. Although the probability is very small, you can acquire a super rare MU Online item. There are special MU Online events that can be accessed only for limited periods of time. Players should check MU Online website for events schedule.

By Rachel Rosen


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