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  • Mortal Online: gameplay

    Mortal Online: gameplay
    Once your in the game its up to you to create your story and path....
    Mortal Online: gameplay

    Mortal Online: enviroment

    Mortal Online: enviroment
    The landscape and enviroment give the game a nice and sometimes overwhelming experince....
    Mortal Online: enviroment

    Mortal Online: combat

    Mortal Online: combat
    Combat makes it feel like your playing an elder scrolls game....
    Mortal Online: combat

    Mortal Online: crafting

    Mortal Online: crafting
    Making gear is the best way to increase you defense and stats based on your style of gameplay....
    Mortal Online: crafting

Mortal Online Gameplay First Look - HD

Mortal Online Gameplay First Look - HD

Mortal Online is a sandbox fantasy online RPG developed and published by Star Vault. It used to be a subscription based game only, but it has since started offering a free to play version that is capped at level 60. Mortal Online is said to be aimed at the hardcore playerbase. Its PvP focused nature and player freedom make Nave (game world) a harsh environment for casual gamers. There is some PvE content but not the traditional quests, dungeons and raids. Mobs are killed mainly for loot and not because some NPC tasked you with a quest. World bosses are another form of PvE content but there’s a catch, they don’t respawn. A killed boss stays dead. There are other bosses (different encounters with different mechanics) that will take its place.

Some features like open world PvP and first person perspective make Mortal Online a unique entry on the MMORPG list. Another characteristic is the classless system. Ten different races are available to players. There are humanoid, elven and dwarven races. Players build characters using skills and professions. There are no traditional class archetypes (warrior, mage, etc.) to choose from but there are a few predefined class builds available to new players. You can have up to 3 characters per account so you can always start over or build your character from scratch. All Mortal Online characters have attributes and skills. Basic attributes are characteristics like race, name and things that don’t affect play style. Primary attributes are stats (strength, intelligence and so on) and are strongly related to skills. There are mainly 2 categories of skills: action and learning. Action skills refer to active abilities like weapon using. Learning skills are similar to professions like herbalism, zoology, etc. Mortal Online is a game where character level is rather insignificant. Performance is measured by skills and attributes. These are leveled when performing certain actions or by training.

Mortal Online has action combat. Players are in full control over their characters. During combat you will have to manually parry, dodge or aim. Weather conditions may influence combat. Player housing is a very popular feature but Mortal Online MMORPG enhances this system and allows players to team up and build even larger structures (keeps, bridges). One gimmick is that all structures can be demolished and not necessarily by their owners. The open PvP system makes the world a dangerous place but there is a system to punish those who attack innocent players or non hostile NPCs. These rules may change in case of massive PvP conflicts between guilds. All Mortal Online players share the same game server so get ready for some major player interaction.

By Rachel Rosen


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