Moonlight Online goes live March 20

By Michael Jamias
moonlight online launches march 20

It’s time to go wild in Moonlight Online, a monster legends MMO with playable humans, vampires and werewolves.

Set for a global launch tomorrow, Moonlight Online tasks players to saving the world of Anasgarde as a member of these three races. The union between the three races is not without conflict, however, and blood will spill as these three races vie for dominance and control even among themselves.

The Humans faction – in which players can mobilize as a Knight, Mage, Rogue or Sage class – have “balanced” stats making them a solid choice with few weaknesses but also no overpowering strengths.

The Werewolves are more cunning and have been gifted with supernatural agility and health, rendering them as ideal close-combat gladiators.

Last but not the least, the Vampires posses the highest attack power among the three races, and have a reputation for being the strongest race in Moonlight Online.

Characters in this dark online rpg can become more powerful through training as well as accumulating weapons imbued with powers. Equipping different weapon types unlocks different skills and talents, which is intended to keep players from all having the same cookie-cutter builds.

Another unique feature to Moonlight Online is its Rage Transformation. All three races possess a Rage meter that fills up in time, and when it is full, the character can transform into a more formidable being – Vampires into a winged demon, Werewolves into a giant dire wolf and Humans into an angle. The 30-second transformation can shift the course of a losing battle as players gain stronger combat abilities.


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