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  • Moonlight Online: classes

    Moonlight Online: classes
    Moonlight Online is a darker setting than World of Warcraft and other MMORPGs. Choose between 5 classes and 3 races....
    Moonlight Online: classes

    Moonlight Online: skills

    Moonlight Online: skills
    Players can purchase new and upgraded skills as they level up. You can also enchant items with energy....
    Moonlight Online: skills

    Moonlight Online: talents

    Moonlight Online: talents
    Starting at level 10, players gain talent points as a way to customize their characters....
    Moonlight Online: talents

    Moonlight Online: combat

    Moonlight Online: combat
    The combat and much of the progression mirrors World of Warcraft. Target enemies and use quickbound spells and abilities to kill t...
    Moonlight Online: combat

Moonlight Online Gameplay

Moonlight Online Gameplay

Moonlight Online, developed and published by IGG, is a 3D fantasy MMORPG. It tells a story about werewolves, humans and vampires. Players are allowed to create the most unique characters thanks to class, race and skills variety. Most fantasy games require players to be heroes but Moonlight Online is a bit different. Depending on player’s personal taste and preferences, characters can be heroes or bad guys. There are plenty cosmetic customization features so each Moonlight Online character can have an original look. As characters progress, they get more powerful and unlock advanced Moonlight Online features.

When creating a Moonlight Online character, players must first choose class and race. There also are visual customization options. The three available Moonlight Online races are: humans, vampires and werewolves. Each class is designed to have strong features and weaknesses. This is to ensure PvE balance and, most of all, a fair PvP gameplay. Moonlight Online has 2 types of quests: story and side quests. Story quests are about Moonlight Online lore and adventures. Completing these quests rewards superior items. Side quests are assigned by NPCs all over Moonlight Online world. It’s not mandatory for story progression to complete side quests but, the rewards are worth the time. You can check the rewards before taking the quest. Daily rewards are given for completing all sorts of mini achievements like time spent online and so on. Moonlight Online has a combat system similar to most RPG games online. Players use weapons and special abilities to attack a target until it’s dead. XP and varied loot are collected after a successful fight. Moonlight Online weapons can be enchanted to make them more powerful. Moonlight Online has a system for helping new players. The mentor/disciple feature allows new players to get help and guidance from experienced Moonlight Online players. Both the teacher and the student get rewards for being in a mentorship agreement.

One of the fun and casual Moonlight Online features is the marriage system. Friendly players of different genders can be married in game. The nobility system is available once a character reaches level 40. Moonlight Online is a free MMORPG with trade skills (crafting professions). Players can choose 2 of the following: herbology, fishing, cooking, mining, alchemy and gear crafting. Moonlight Online has several NPC factions. Players can complete specific quests to increase their reputation with these factions and unlock rewards. Dungeons are for players seeking challenging PvE content. Moonlight Online has daily events. Some take place at specific times and have level requirements. There are 5 PvP modes. Players can attack each other depending on their PvP status. Starting with level 10, players are able to join a Moonlight Online guild to find game buddies and enjoy social interaction.

By Rachel Rosen


Moonlight Online goes live March 20

It’s time to go wild in Moonlight Online, a monster legends MMO with playable humans, vampires and werewolves. Set for a global l...
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