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Mobius Final Fantasy is a free online RPG created and published by Square Enix. Mobile versions were first available in Japan in 2015. As of February 2017 the game is available worldwide for iOS, Android and Windows. Mobius Final Fantasy players wake up in a realm known as Palamecia. They are not alone, they are accompanied by others but none of them remembers who they are or how they got there. They are just Blanks. Garland is the first NPC players will encounter. He acts as a guide and reveals to players that they are in fact Warriors of Light. Mobius Final Fantasy starts with a tutorial. Guided by Garland, players will learn how to fight, how to perform different attack moves and how to customize their Warrior of Light.

Character customization is based on cards. Players acquire cards that represent abilities. Warriors of Light are customized with cards in same way as MMORPG characters are built when selecting a class or specialization. All Mobius Final Fantasy characters start as Onion Knights. As they level up and unlock more skills they will be able to perform more specific roles. Specializations are called jobs in Final Fantasy games. Jobs like Red Mage, Assassin, Warrior or Samurai have been iconic specializations for this game series. Some of them are featured in the two Final Fantasy MMO games: Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV. Not all jobs are available from the start. Mobius Final Fantasy story is told in chapters. Warriors of Light have to go through a series of tests to complete a chapter. Most of the missions requires players to take down bosses and monsters. Missions or tasks are unlocked in an episodic manner. As players advance with their quests they will also unlock access to more customization options. For example, in chapter two players unlock three more jobs. Mobius Final Fantasy chapters were released as periodic content updates back when the game was mobile only. Throughout their journey in the land of Palamecia, Warriors of Light will meet many NPCs including a Moogle representative.

Combat is a common in game activity. Warriors of Light have plenty of enemies so they will spend most of their time fighting. Mobius Final Fantasy is an online RPG with turn based combat. Players obtain elements when they land an attack. These elements are used to cast different spell types. Element spells and abilities become available when enough elements of a specific type are accumulated. Mobius Final Fantasy players use spells to deal more damage, to defend themselves and to restore HP. Before going into battle players can lend ability cards from fellow Warriors of Light. Multiplayer content is also available. Steam is the place to get Mobius Final Fantasy for PC.

By Rachel Rosen

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