Mixmaster Online launches Kickstarter project for English version

By Michael Jamias
mixmaster online english version kickstarter

Ever wanted an English version of Mixmaster Online? Then go support the Kickstarter project for this monster taming mmorpg.

Indie publisher Jango Games is trying to raise $60,000 in pledges by Saturday November 9, 11:04AM EST to produce a version for the English-speaking audience.

The free online rpg already has a French version, and is currently playable in Korea and Japan, but most Western fans can only admire the screenshots and trailers of this Pokemon-style monster collection and fighting game.

Reaching the $60,000 crowd funding goal allows developers to roll out a Mixmaster Online English game client and set up the international server.

Should they accumulate more support and hit the $90,000 stretch goal, Western fans will get a bonus pack of new monsters aka henches, quests and maps.

Most of the funds will be used to cover cost of software licenses, hosting, development, and language translation.

What's in it for backers since the game is free to play already? Backers will instead receive special forum privileges and exclusive in-game perks, costumes and access to premium areas.

$30+ Backers even get to join the closed beta test which will notably give them a strong head start since there will be no data wipe after the beta test.

$700 backers, the most expensive tier, obviously receive the most pampering. These 10 VIP backers will get to create their own Hench monster, get to name an in-game NPC, and a bunch of physical and digital goodies.


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