Metin 2 Makes Room for Outfit Changer and Energy Crystal Systems

By Michael Jamias
metin 2 outfit energy systems

In time for the 2012 London Olympics, Metin 2 has implemented two widely demanded systems – the outfit system which will expand player avatar customization, and the energy system which enable Alchemists to obtain item-boosting energy crystals.

“The new outfit system brings a breath of fresh air to adventurers’ wardrobes. Players can now personalize their appearance with different outfits and hairstyles,” said Gameforge in a press release.

“If they do not find their favourite outfit straight away, or if they feel their old one no longer suits the, players have the possibility to exchange them amongst one another. All these items will then cover the player’s existing equipment: the equipment’s attributes will be kept however,” the MMORPG developer added.

Meanwhile, the new energy system allows Alchemists to attain energy crystals from items level 35 and up, crystals which then provide additional bonuses of equipped items.

Aside from these twin system upgrades, Metin 2 will also host an in-game event that will have players of the free online rpg literally hunting for their own medals.  Adventurers will have to track down scattered medal fragments, which when pieced together will unlock a bonus-giving amulet as well as a free chest randomly filled with one of the new Olympics sport outfits on sale at the item shop.


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