“The Dark Dragons” expansion descends on Metin 2

By Michael Jamias
metin 2 dark dragons expansion

Metin 2’s latest expansion swoops down with a gust of endgame trials for level 90 players and up.

The Dark Dragons expansion reveals the forbidding new island of Dark Dragon Rock, which is divided into explorable areas designed to challenge the most experienced veterans in the oriental-themed free to play mmo, such as Cape Dragon Fire, Gautama Cliff, Thunder Mountains and Nephrite Bay.

Adventuring through this harsh terrain, Metin 2 players will encounter a host of new monsters, including the sly fish-like Tritonic Army and ferocious winged Manticore race. These fresh challenges should make the trek to the newly raised level cap of 105 all the more satisfying to complete.

The Dark Dragons expansion also introduces the Dragon Stone Alchemy item creation process to the game, which allows players to create powerful dragon stones from the looted dragon stone shards obtained throughout the island.

These dragon stones bestow its holder with health and mana bonuses, as well as effective elemental resistances. Starting level 30, players can start collecting these dragon stones to form two powerful sets: Heaven and Earth, each with its own unique boosts. Grind addicts and rpg min-maxers can also sink dozens of hours into refining these dragon stones to their ultimate levels to obtain their optimal effects.

Gameforge said the The Dark Dragons expansion is a harbinger of more regular content updates that will soon be rolling out for Metin 2.


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