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Metin 2 Dawn of the Lycans update
The world of Metin 2 is fraught with peril, and now a race that was long considered that of myths and legends is entering the battle. Players of the action-packed mmorpg can indulge their inner werewolf as the Metin 2 Dawn of the Lycans update adds the fierce Lycans to the game. It's time to unsheathe those claws and enter the fray. The features of the Metin 2 Dawn of the Lycans update include: * Play the evolutionary Lycan class: as close comb...
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Nov 18 2014
metin 2 dark dragons expansion
Metin 2’s latest expansion swoops down with a gust of endgame trials for level 90 players and up. The Dark Dragons expansion reveals the forbidding new island of Dark Dragon Rock, which is divided into explorable areas designed to challenge the most experienced veterans in the oriental-themed free to play mmo, such as Cape Dragon Fire, Gautama Cliff, Thunder Mountains and Nephrite Bay. Adventuring through this harsh terrain, Metin 2 players wil...
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Mar 06 2013
metin 2 outfit energy systems
In time for the 2012 London Olympics, Metin 2 has implemented two widely demanded systems – the outfit system which will expand player avatar customization, and the energy system which enable Alchemists to obtain item-boosting energy crystals. “The new outfit system brings a breath of fresh air to adventurers’ wardrobes. Players can now personalize their appearance with different outfits and hairstyles,” said Gameforge in a press release. “If t...
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Jul 28 2012