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  • Men of War: rts

    Men of War: rts
    Men of War is a real time strategy game. Be sure to carefully control your units to avoid needless losses....
    Men of War: rts

    Men of War: antiarmor

    Men of War: antiarmor
    Use anti take grenades to quickly dispatch tanks and other armored units....
    Men of War: antiarmor

    Men of War: cover

    Men of War: cover
    Men of War uses a cover system to hide your units. Always have your infantry moving into cover....
    Men of War: cover

    Men of War: medic

    Men of War: medic
    Keep the men alive by taking time to heal up between skirmishes....
    Men of War: medic

Men of War Gameplay

Men of War Gameplay

Men of War is a real-time tactics game that re-imagines the exhilarating campaigns of World War II. Players get to choose one of three campaigns involving the major powers of that historic clash -- the Soviet, Allied or German faction. Each campaign offers a unique scenario, which will compel you to complete all three to get the complete range of viewpoints. There is no evil faction in Men of War, as all three only seek to further their agenda and come out of the conflict on top. The developers took time to accurately portray the historical troops, tanks and vehicles that operated in World War II. Turn up the volume as well. The game boasts 1,000 unique sound effects, which were recorded under real operating conditions, giving gunshots and armor hits a more visceral impact.

Visually, Men of War will immerse you with realistic graphics of armament and military equipment, all of which were recreated from design drawings. Map environments are also dripping with details depicting mid-20th century Europe and North Africa, which hosted some of the most exciting battles of the war. To boot, most of the objects you see can be destroyed. Men of War even tries to outdo console RPG Games with its own stunning cut scenes shown during crucial points of the campaign. It also takes a page from rpg mechanics with each soldier and vehicle packing an inventory, while incorporating traditional shooter physics such as line-of-sight trajectory for bullets. Men of War uses what is called a direct control system, which lets you take command of a unit or vehicle with a few mouse clicks. This gives you full micromanagement control when you need it or crave it (sometimes you just want to get into a tank and blow up things) while still giving you the freedom to go on auto-pilot mode.

Men of War comes included with a comprehensive multiplayer feature via LAN or online mmo connection, complete with special maps and play modes, including the standard Capture the Flag and more unique ones like High-Value Cargo. New players can dive in without fear of utter humiliation since the game runs an intelligent rating system that pairs up same-skilled commanders to ensure overall fairer and more exciting fights. Participant evaluations are handed out after each multiplayer match that should help everyone improve their game for the next go-around skirmish. Men of War pros who have trained long and hard can participate in prestigious Championship tournaments.

By Rachel Rosen


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