Prep for Tag Team Action as Master X Master Announces Launch Date

By Jeff Francis
Master X Master launch date announced

It's always nice to see an mmo put a new spin on an established genre. NCSoft is doing exactly that with their Master X Master (MXM) action moba. There are some unique mechanics to be found in MXM, especially the ability for players to instantly swap between two different characters at any time. Now players will have the chance to fully try out the new game as NCSoft has announced the official Master X Master launch date of June 21st.

A spiffy new trailer has been released to celebrate the Master X Master launch date announcement that shows the tag team mechanics via cinematic glory. MXM features a number of characters from various NCSoft games, such as Statesman from the much-missed City of Heroes, along with some original ones as well. So far, 22 masters (champions) have been released, with a lot more on the way.

The MXM launch date of June 21st is for North America and Europe. However, mmorpg players who want to get into the action a good deal more quickly can pick up a Soldier Pack (includes 8 masters and 3 skins) or Master Pack (includes 15 masters and 6 skins) and begin playing on June 16th. In addition to the tag team approach to moba gaming, MXM also features solo and co-op gameplay, an absolute rarity when it comes to the genre.

Now that the MXM launch date has been revealed, are you pumped for trying out this new take on the moba genre? Let us know in the comments below.


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