Master X Master Kicks Off Ranked Preseason and Reveals Yuri

By Jeff Francis
Master X Master ranked preseason begins

Serious competition is coming in Master X Master, the free mmo that puts a spin on the moba genre by allowing players to switch back and forth between two champions. Competitive Season One of ranked gameplay is slated to begin on August 16th, but the next four weeks will see a lot of action as the Master X Master Ranked Preseason is now underway. Players have four weeks to experience ranked Titan Ruins matches and get used to the additional systems that are part of the upcoming ranked season.

Master X Master Yuri

NCSoft is handing out some rewards for the Master X Master Ranked Preseason. Any player that completes at least five ranked Titan Ruins matches will get a Rare Style Token, which can be used to buy certain skins. In addition, players will get X-Coin for reaching the Grand Master rank. The amount of X-Coin will be determined by the final Grand Master rank the mmo player receives: 1,000 ($5 value) for ranks 51-100; 2,300 ($10 value) for ranks 26-50; 5,000 ($20 value) for ranks 11-25; and 6,250 ($25 value) for ranks 1-10.

In addition to the MXM Ranked Preseason kicking off today, NCSoft also gave a small preview of the upcoming Master X Master Yuri playable character. NCSoft says, "Yuri is an Ardent-attuned, melee-based juggernaut from Earth’s third settlement on Amaari. A talented martial artist, she was groomed by veteran Masters to be combat effective in the fight to rescue Earth from Atlas and the Synd. She developed the Cosmic Fist martial arts style, which harnesses Sol energy to overpower her opponents with devastating attacks."

You can get more details on the MXM Ranked Preseason, especially the tier structure, here.


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