Marvel Heroes version 2.14 buffs up Hawkeye and Captain America

By Michael Jamias
marvel heroes version 2 14

Hawkeye and Captain America fans, you'll like this newest patch which will boost these two Avengers.

Marvel Heroes version 2.14 is now live and it rolls out level 52 design reviews for both Hawkeye and Captain America. The update endows each one with new powers and spiffy enhancements, and should give them renewed popularity in the free online rpg.

For the Captain America level 52 design review, the goal is to give him more interesting power-use combination options and increase his wave-clearing potential by making Shield Swipe an area-of-effect basic attack for zero spirit. The review also overhauls his Shield Slinger abilities to have a more impact in battle. New abilities include Airborne Assault, Torqued Shield Throw and the Avengers Assemble! ultimate.

Meanwhile, the Hawkeye level 52 design review sharpens him into a more effective single-target damager and versatile superhero. He has been given more single-target spirit spender options to give him deadlier tools against bosses and duels. His build options have also been expanded to become more viable, including Archery, Trick Arrows and even a melee version for those who fancy fighting in close combat.

Version 2.14 also brings in new content in the form of a more difficult Cosmic Terminals, but also revised to have an increased chance for dropping cosmic gear. These changes have made Cosmic Terminals the hardest in the MMO, so make sure to bring your A-game with each attempt.


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