Marvel Heroes Gets a Tiny Little Update

By Josh Wirtanen
Marvel Heroes Gets Updated

If you logged into Gazillion's superhero MMORPG Marvel Heroes recently, you probably found yourself downloading a little game update. So what's included in that?

Well, first off is a buffet of buffs. According to the Marvel Heroes website: "With the latest Marvel Heroes patch, we've made a ton of changes to heroes, giving buffs to many different powers! All characters will receive a free respec because of the changes; upon logging in or switching to a new hero you will need to re-allocate their power points. (If your favorite hero hasn't been buffed yet - don't worry - we're making changes across the board.)"

And this includes some new buffs to artifacts and pet-based items as well.

Additionally, there's been some re-balancing of end-game XP levels. According to the website: "Enemy experience has been increased in green terminals, red terminals and purple Group Challenges. This is a significant buff to experience in these zones! We will continue to adjust these amounts, so let us know your feedback. Bosses in Limbo also now appear physically larger to help with visibility as well."

All in all, it's nothing super major, but buff addicts and late-game players should find at least something worth checking out.

Marvel Heroes is free to play.

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