Marvel Heroes update 1.2 now available

By Tam Mageean
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Attention Heroes! Your new crime-fighting tools have arrived!

Available today for Marvel Heroes, patch 1.2 for the free MMO, is the biggest update so far. Featuring; more difficulty modes, the introduction of Relic and Unique items, 2 new artifacts, an updated defense system and most importantly, everyone’s favourite psychic; Emma Frost!

marvel heroes Emma Frost

The White Queen will come equipped with her 2 main powers; her psionic mind-control and her ability to mutate into her organic, diamond-form for added durability.

In addition, Heroic and Super-Heroic modes are available for all characters. To unlock Heroic, you can either defeat Doctor Doom or reach level 30. For Super-Heroic; go back and take on Doctor Doom in Heroic mode, or reach level 45.

As an added bonus, if you start as any character from scratch, you will be awarded with a whole new starting quest: Queens Bank Heist, which promises a guest appearance from a well known feline seductress...

There hasn’t been a great deal revealed about the defense system, other than that it will incorporate its use of Critical and Dodge factors, but the guys over at Gazillion did shed some light on the new items coming to the RPG:

“Relics are powerful fragments of epic civilizations across the Marvel universe. These offer bonus stats to your hero and can be stacked up to 999. Unique items are extremely rare and powerful, they can be slotted in any of the 5 basic item slots and offer various exciting abilities.”

The Emma Frost pack is available now for $17.99.

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