Marvel Heroes Introduces Team-Ups

By Jeff Francis
Marvel Heroes Team-Ups

Sometimes the struggle for justice can be a lone one for a superhero, but Marvel Heroes is looking to change that. Players of the mmo will now be able to recruit some of their favorite heroes from the Marvel universe to help them fight evil against such foes as Doctor Doom and Loki. A brand new game feature was launched today as Marvel Heroes introduces Team-Ups.

Marvel Heroes Team-Ups

What are Team-Ups in Marvel Heroes? Well, it's based upon the Marvel Team-Up comic books that debuted back in 1972, where two popular superheroes joined forces. Players can summon a superhero to team up with them for a time. The first wave of Team-Ups include Spider-Man, Falcon, Firestar, and Magik. Each Team-Up has their own distinct power sets and offer quite a few gameplay possibilities.

The new Team-Up feature in this mmorpg offers three different play styles to complement the player. The Team-Up heroes can also offer passive bonuses to the player while being off-screen and not being used or they can be summoned to fight by your side for a short time. The duration of their stay can be extended through the use of talents. Each Team-Up superhero has a grid of talents that the player can select, and these choices can be redone when at a hub to alter the gameplay style depending upon the situation and the player's hero that they're currently using. Lastly, players don't need to worry about leveling these new allies as they automatically conform to the player's level.

The action is heating up in Marvel Heroes as more heroes will enter the fray. Additional Team-Up heroes will be released in the future. Excelsior!


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