Marvel Heroes adds Squirrel Girl and Superior Spider-Man

By Michael Jamias
marvel heroes squirrel girl superior spider man

The Marvel Heroes roster gets a feisty furry and an enhanced costume for our favorite web slinger.

The recently released Marvel Heroes game update 1.4 introduces Squirrel Girl, a new playable hero that tends to be underestimated because of her cuddly moniker.

But enemies who let their guard down will soon find themselves slammed to the floor by Squirrel Girl's zippy martial arts attacks. If her acrobatic moves aren't enough to bring the enemy down, Squirrel Girl can even call on the Squirrelpocalypse and order hundreds of her loyal pets to swarm the enemy into submission.

Watch this Squirrel Girl trailer to get a first-hand look at her surprising ferocity that just might sway you to purchase her:

The Squirrel Girl update also brings exciting changes for the superhero online rpg's iconic arachnid crusader, Spider-Man.

This patch rolls out major Spider-Man improvements and re-jiggered powers after an extensive review based on the mmo fan feedback. Spider-Man fans will notice that his trees have been drastically buffed, resulting in a huge power spike. His new ultimate is now named Maximum Spider, and will see him spinning a massive web around him, immobilizing and dealing damage to enemies, after which he then gains an offensive buff.

Spider-man also receives the Superior Spider-Man enhanced costume, which proudly carries new voice-over, dialogue and exclusive emotes.


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