Marvel Heroes releases worldwide as digital download

By Michael Jamias
marvel heroes release digital download

The free to play mmo lets you play as a powerful Marvel superhero in an action-packed fantasy universe brought to life from the comic books.

Currently, Marvel Heroes is only available for download on the PC. The Mac version is still in development.

One of the biggest draws for Marvel Heroes is that players can pick and switch between 21 iconic characters including Iron Man, Thor, Wolverine, Hulk, Captain America and Spider-Man.

Each hero can be strengthened and customized as a player sees fit through the game's unique power tree system and vast equipment selection.

The free online rpg also has a deep crafting system designed to please item collectors and min-maxing gladiators. For the comic book fanboys, developers have also filled the game with numerous costumes that bring to life the 2D suits and gear that many only get to see on paper.

Both PvE and PvP players will also have plenty to do, with the former plunging straight into dungeons and raid-like endgame content while the latter trading blows with their nemeses.

It also boasts of a fantastic story penned by the legendary writer Brian Michael Bendis (who fans will know for writing some of the best Marvel comics issues.)

Players can download Marvel Heroes as a free digital game for PCs at the official website ( or via the Steam distribution platform.


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