Marvel Heroes reveals Patch 1.11 and Asgard expansion

By Michael Jamias
marvel heroes patch 1 11 asgard expansion

Marvel Heroes gears up for the release of its first content update Patch 1.11 and the upcoming Asgard expansion.

Developer Gazillion Entertainment confirmed that Marvel Heroes Patch 1.11 will be going live before July ends, and that the Asgard expansion will launch soon after in the fall season.

Gazillion teased the content coming in both updates. It said Patch 1.11 will usher in end game additions that will allow players to keep on playing Marvel Heroes long after defeating the current final villain Doctor Doom.

The superhero action RPG also debuts the Eternity Splinters currency which offers an alternate method to earn playable Heroes through gameplay, which should delight fans who want to keep on playing Marvel Heroes as a strictly free to play mmo.

Meanwhile, the scheduled Asgard digital expansion will open up the namesake Asgard region, the realm of Thor and Loki. Asgard promises new missions and adventures for players, as well as new PvP modes.

The string of content roll-outs is meant to keep Marvel Heroes momentum on a roll. The game has reached one and a half million registered users only two months after releasing in June as a digital download.


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