Moon Knight now playable in Marvel Heroes

By Michael Jamias
marvel heroes moon knight

Villains, watch out! The masked vigilante, Moon Knight, strikes righteous vengeance in the newly released Marvel Heroes Update 2.13.

The Moon Knight is the 30th playable hero in the free to play mmo, and slays insolent baddies with a mix of weapon punishment and lunar-powered abilities.

If you want to unlock this new hero's full potential and an extra costume, then consider investing on the Marvel Heroes Moon Knight hero pack, which unlocks the Moon Knight, two costumes -- his classic white ensemble and the midnight black Secret Avengers costume, his personal hero S.T.A.S.H., 4 Fortune cards and 1 Retcon device.

The new update also comes packed with the Mardi Gras celebration. The action rpg explodes with colorful masks and beads, which when collected can be sold or be donated to level crafters. Item hunters will be gunning for the Limited edition Mardi Gras Fortune cards, while everyone else should be happy taking advantage of the event's boosts for rare item find, special item find and XP.

Last, but not the least, the Marvel Heroes Mac closed beta has begun! Sign-ups are ongoing and players will soon be notified whether they can join the pioneer testing group that will ensure that the spring launch version is in tip-top shape. Look out for the open beta very soon.


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