Luke Cage added to Marvel Heroes roster in update 1.3

By Michael Jamias
marvel heroes luke cage update 1 3

Protected by his trademark unbreakable skin, Luke Cage is a fearlessly tough addition to your front line team.

Not only does the new Luke Cage hero take reduced damage from attacks, allowing him to trade blows with most Marvel Heroes bruisers, he can also summon Heroes for Hire that gang up on his target.

Luke Cage headlines the Marvel Heroes update 1.3, which has just gone live. The rest of the update includes the activation of a new Prestige system, the equivalent of a new game + in the MMO MOBA. Players who have hit level 60 can restart at level 1 and gain an exclusive color in their name.

The Hero Synergy system arrives as well, opening up a lot of rpg customization options for your heroes.

Luke Cage costumes come in three versions as of launch -- Classic, Modern and Street.

Pre-launch Ultimate Pack owners get Luke Cage bundle for free. For the rest who skipped out on the Marvel Heroes Founders Program, you can purchase his hero pack from the Marvel Heroes web store for a bundled price of $19.99 (inclusive of the hero unlock, his three costumes plus his S.T.A.S.H. tab.)

If you just want to unlock the hero, Luke Cage can be purchased without all the fancy costumes for 900G. You also have the option to redeem Luke Cage for free by trading in 400 of your hard-earned Eternity Splinters.


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