Marvel Heroes Launches Test Center

By Josh Wirtanen
Marvel Heroes Launches Test Center

Marvel Heroes, the superhero-powered MMORPG from Gazillion Entertainment, has recently launched its Test Center, allowing players to test early versions of new game content.

For the players, this is great, because it allows them to see what new features are in the works, getting to peek into the future, so to speak. For the developers, it gives them a whole army of testers to find bugs and report issues with game features before they get into Marvel Heroes proper.

Of course, there are a few caveats players should keep in mind before hopping into the Marvel Heroes Test Center. For one, this is a potentially unstable version of the game. You should probably expect to find some bugs.

Second, there will be a limited amount of in-game currency assigned to each player, and that's all you get. The developers don't want you begging for more once you've spent all your money foolishly. That's what your parents are for.

Third, the test servers won't be up 100% of the time. Expect long periods of downtime between tests.

Lastly, none of your progress will transfer over to the real game. If you've earned something in the Test Center, whether it be money, progress, or a really cool item, it won't carry over into the actual game.

Still interested? Hop into the Test Center welcome page to get signed up.


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