Marvel Heroes fires up the Human Torch in Patch 1.11

By Michael Jamias
marvel heroes human torch

It's Flame On! as the Human Torch makes a scorching debut in the Marvel Heroes Patch 1.11.

The Human Torch is ready to burn up the Marvel Heroes battlefield with his 25 unique powers and multiple build options.

Gazillion Entertainment has released the Human Torch Developer Diary which describes how the development and design team brought the Johnny Storm's combustible superhero alter ego to life.

Among the Fantastic Four, the Human Torch is notorious for being a hot-blooded rascal, and this is translated into his avatar dialogue and interactions with other characters like his favorite teasing target, The Thing.

The Human Torch will be free for Founders Program members, or can be purchased in one of three ways: Spending 900G in cash shop currency, turning in 400 Eternity Splinters collected while adventuring or bought outright for $17.99 as a Hero pack with 3 extra costumes the Human Torch Hero S.T.A.S.H.

Comic book fans can also look forward to collecting The Human Torch's most memorable costumes, including the futuristic and bombastic Human Torch 2099.

The video also shows the flashy pyrotechnic attacks and massive destruction that The Human Torch players can inflict on their foes.

The Human Torch is the central content that came with Patch 1.11, but the update also introduced the urban chaos that is the new Midtown Patrol zone, XP rate increases and expanded build options for existing superheroes. It also ushered in several UI enhancements as well as performance improvements to make the action online rpg run more smoothly.


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