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By Tam Mageean
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Gazillion have launched a new update trailer at New York Comic-Con, giving all you budding heroes an insight of things to come in the super MMO.

The first of Marvel Heroes' new features is a pair of new game modes.

1. X-Defense Survival Challenge, where you take on wave after wave of baddies as a party.

2. Player vs Player, which looks to follow the standard PvP format, but with the addition of drone minions, presumably for racking up bonus points.

Marvel Heroes Gambit

In addition, there will be a host of new playable heroes, including Nightcrawler and Gambit. Rumors of Nova being added have sadly been shot out of the sky, as Marvel continue to battle with his rights issues, preventing him from being added to the game. Allegedly, he has already been finalized, and is game-ready, but legislatively, he still has a way to go.

New Costumes will be available, including Spider-man's latest comic iteration; the Superior Spider-Man costume.

More zones have been made explorable; from the City of Asgard, to the Bronx Zoo, it seems more and more corners of the Marvel map are being colored in.

Marvel Heroes Asgard

Lastly, new mobs of enemies will appear in upcoming updates, and even an appearance from a certain Asgardian God of Mischief...

Marvel Heroes is really hitting the MMORPG world hard, delivering comprehensive, consistent updates; giving players what they want, when they want and putting a lot of other games to shame. Although some of the downloads have been quite expensive, the level of support and quality development from the Gazillion team has been incredible.


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