Suit up for the final Marvel Heroes open beta

By Michael Jamias
marvel heroes final open beta

Less than a month before Marvel Heroes breaks out to full release on June 4, but hold on, one final open beta will be squeezed in this upcoming weekend.

From the night of Friday, May 10 to the afternoon of Monday, May 13, Marvel Heroes fans can log on once more and play their choice Avengers from a selection of Black Widow, Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man and Thor – definitely in no particular order of awesomeness.

This will be the final open beta for the free to play superhero mmo, says developer Gazillion Entertainment, and comes after last week’s Iron Man-themed open beta weekend that saw a legion of Iron Man’s running around in Mark II and other iconic armor sets.

Sign up for the final Marvel Heroes open beta is ongoing at their official website (click the Play Now button up top this page to register directly).

The final launch version will offer a significantly expanded selection of superheroes, including Wolverine and Spider-Man, in the fight to stop Doctor Doom’s evil schemes. Marvel Heroes draws plenty of tried-and-true mechanics from other RPG Games such as leveling, comprehensive crafting, and action-packed PvP while adding a gripping storyline penned by comic book writer veteran Brian Michael Bendis.

There will be an early access privilege for Founders Packs buyers, which will begin on May 28, a week before the worldwide June 4 launch.


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