Marvel Heroes begins early access May 28 but first a G currency advisory

By Michael Jamias
marvel heroes early access may 28 g currency

Still a day before Marvel Heroes lets in the first wave of Founders pack buyers, so why not learn about the cash shop currency while waiting?

By tomorrow, May 28, those who purchased the Ultimate Pack ($199.99) will start enjoying their 7-day early access privilege. Buyers of the less-expensive 13 Premium Packs ($59.99) and 9 Starter Packs ($19.99) will then rush into the game on May 31 and June 2, respectively. The rest of the free players will get to enter on the June 6 worldwide launch.

Marvel Heroes will follow the free online rpg with cash shop model, and its cash shop currency is known as Gs.

It has been revealed over the weekend that players can purchase 500 Gs at $4.99 – the lowest possible bundle. Other bundles are as follows: 1,000 Gs at $9.99, 2,100 Gs at $19.99, 5,500 Gs at $49.99 and 11,500 Gs at $99.99. This shows that those who purchase more Gs at a single go can get more Gs for their bucks.

For the spendthrifts hoping to gain Gs any other way, sadly there is none; you must plunk down hard cash to score some Gs, and spend it for some of the coolest stuff in the superhero-themed mmorpg such as heroes, costumes and items.

Founders pack owners reading this are also reminded that Gs can already be purchased during the early access period if you somehow manage to deplete the free Gs that came with your pack.


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