Marvel Heroes drops early game access FAQ plus Chronicles of Doom Part 3

By Michael Jamias
marvel heroes early access faq chronicles doom part 3

In response to the rocky early access release, Marvel Heroes has published a helpful FAQ that addresses most of the common complaints and queries.

Founders Pack owners obtained their early game access privilege as part of their purchase, but there have been some delays in opening up the server as well as some up-time instability that made fans lose game time.

The Marvel Heroes Early Game Access FAQ (
confirmed that there will be compensation for the downtime specifically for Ultimate and Premium Pack owners. Details of these rewards will be released "soon."

Meanwhile, Founders Pack owners who bought their copies via Steam but cannot login should remember to redeem their key at the official website. "To obtain the key, find the game in your Steam library and click 'CD Key' to see the key," advised the FAQ.

The rest of the FAQ answers concerns on items, heroes, costumes and Gs, the cash shop currency for the free online rpg.

Also, the developers have released the third installment of Chronicles of Doom, the motion comics series that sheds light on the back story of Marvel Heroes.

Only the fourth and last installment remains, and which will likely be revealed just before or on the free mmo's worldwide release on June 4. Look out for that!



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