Marvel Heroes ascends to Asgard, introduces Loki

By Michael Jamias
marvel heroes asgard patch

The superhero free to play mmo heads to the realm of the gods, Asgard and unleashes its resident mischief-maker, Loki.

Marvel Heroes receives its Game Update 2.0 aka the Asgard patch, which includes the opening of the namesake realm. But first, players must first participate in a server-wide event that unlocks the Bifrost Bridge that leads into Asgard, fighting a whole new cast of supervillains along the way.

Once in Asgard, players will spend most of their time completing the new story missions and getting lost in the battles as well as fully-voiced motion comics narration.

Keeping up with the Asgard theme, developers have also gifted fans the new playable villain Loki. Ever as devious and deadly in the Marvel comics and blockbuster movies, Loki primarily uses sorcery in the form of magical blasts, ice storms, and deceptive illusions. Loki's ultimate power sees him transforming into a massive Frost Giant with devastating powers and attacks.

The Asgard update also offers four additional starting heroes for the action rpg, almost doubling the choices during character selection from five to nine.

Players can also look forward to a deeper item and equipment inventory with the arrival of rings and Legendary items, which can be put into their own designated slots. Legendary items grow stronger with use, which gives incentives to players to keep them as part of their core combat items.


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