Gambit joins Marvel Heroes roster

By Michael Jamias
gambit joins marvel heroes roster

Gazillion Entertainment has stacked Gambit to the current cast of playable characters in Marvel Heroes.

This launch day Gambit trailer shows off the slick moves of this card-throwing X-Man:

Gambit has the ability to convert the potential energy in an object into kinetic energy, allowing him to turn a deck of cards into a bunch of grenades.

When challenged in close combat, Gambit whips out his extendable bo staff, instilling it with the same kinetic energy so that every hit packs a supercharged wallop. The trailer also displays his enhanced mobility and devastating area-wide ultimate.

Developers said that Gambit will be introduced into the combat rpg's storyline when he is recruited after rescuing Storm from the Shadow King.

Players can unlock Gambit by purchasing the Gambit Hero Pack ($17.99), which comes with 2 costumes -- the modern one shown in the thumbnail above plus his classic comic book look -- as well as the Gambit Hero S.T.A.S.H., fortune cards and a retcon device.

Alternatively, Gambit can be bought from the in-game store, or be redeemed cash-free with 400 Eternity Splinters currency.

For fans of the Gambit-Rogue coupling, the mmorpg made sure to add some interactions between the two that capture their famously combustive relationship.


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