Doctor Strange joins Marvel Heroes

By Michael Jamias
doctor strange marvel heroes

Having lost his ability to save people as a neurosurgeon, Dr. Stephen Strange trekked the mountains of Tibet where he learned the secrets of sorcery to protect the world of Marvel Heroes.

Marvel Heroes' Doctor Strange is now available to play for free, and he promises to disorient, debilitate and destroy enemies with his wide range of illusions and spells.

You can watch him in action in this Marvel Heroes Doctor Strange teaser:

The video shows the breadth of Doctor Strange abilities, most of which deal damage or debuffs to opponents in a large area of effect. He can incinerate targets with a constant rain of fireballs, electrocute groups with chain lightnig and focus fire on a single target with his arcane bolts.

But arguably his most powerful attack involves summoning multiple illusions that make amplify his sorcery while also making him one of the most elusive heroes in the mmo.

Players can be unlocked in the action rpg either through the Doctor Strange Hero Pack, which includes his two launch day costumes -- Classic and Defenders -- plus a S.T.A.S.H. investory expansion tab, a set of Fortune Cards, and the always useful Retcon Device. He can also be purchased piecemeal through the in-game store.


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