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  • Martial Empires: character

    Martial Empires: character
    Here is our hero, MMOMage. He's ready to slice, dice and make julienne fries....
    Martial Empires: character

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    Martial Empires: follow
    Follow the dots to your quest objectives....
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    Martial Empires: spell
    A PBAE, spinning ball of death. Look out!...
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    Martial Empires: skill
    Specialize in skills to improve your character....
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Martial Empires Gameplay

Martial Empires Gameplay

Martial Empires is an action based, dark-themed MMORPG title that is available on the free to play Gamigo gaming portal. Martial Empires combines a variety of elements to create a unique setting, offering players a mix between oriental style graphics and architecture, with dark twist featuring intense colors and interesting armor designs.

Martial Empires steps away from the typical RPG mechanic that restricts players to a specific class, instead it uses a weapon system to assign abilities. There are 3 different weapon types within Martial Empires all of which have a totally different set of abilities and skills. Players can choose to specialize in one specific weapon, unlocking the associated abilities and skills, or they can branch out to all 3 weapon types, collecting a large array of skills from each weapon type. Players can switch out between weapons whenever they please, opening a large selection of abilities in each fight. Each weapon also has certain passive effects such as swords improving a mage's critical hit rating or other weapons that can steal health from your enemy.

Another great aspect to Martial Empires is the skill point allocation system. Once players reach level 25 they get assigned new stat points every level, that they can freely distribute to any of the various statistics such as health, endurance, stamina or attack damage. This allows players to totally customize the outcome of their character, giving hundreds of possible variations of character builds based on weapon, ability type and chosen stats.

Martial Empires includes a unique guild system that offers players a variety of activities. Any player can join a guild, and once inside, can complete quests and other objectives to add experience points to their guild, increasing the guilds level. As guilds level up, they gain access to certain bonus features such as a guild bank. Another bonus to forming a guild and helping it level up is the ability to join in with the PvP in Martial Empires, Guild Warfare.

By Rachel Rosen

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