March of War hunts for Che Guevara in new Tropical Thunder episode

By Michael Jamias
march of war tropical thunder

Smoke out the slippery revolutionary from his alleged jungle hideout in March of War's Tropical Thunder episode.

Tropical Thunder continues the action-packed storyline of the first episode, Soviet Storm. This time around the chase for Che Guevara heads to the dense forests of South America where the fugitive hides. But the hunt becomes a much more dangerous game as factions begin double-crossing and killing each other in the jungles.

Watch this Tropical Thunder official trailer as part of your mission brief:

Tropical Thunder is now available for download through Steam Early Access and the official March of War website for PC and Mac.

ISOTX promises "entirely new threats" such as the Gorilla Mole, flesh-eating plants and other nasty flora and fauna. These dangers plus the threat of human ambush wait behind the forests' shadowy foliage.

There are also new units deploying in the MMORPG hailing from South American territories. These include the Mexican Infantry, Argentinean Trench Mortar, Junta Saw Walker, Junta Missile Roc, and the Quartermaster.

March of War soldiers will have a month or so to chew through the Tropical Thunder content before the third planned episode, African Sunrise, goes live. As can be gleaned from its name, African Sunrise will take place in the wild and ancient continent of Africa but developers are still keeping the lid on what new historical plot twists and rpg shooter features lay in store for fans.


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