March of War launches pilot episode "World Aflame"

By Michael Jamias
march of war pilot episode world aflame

March of War's pilot episode titled "World Aflame" is a fiery start to the episodic strategy rpg.

World Aflame is now free to download through Steam Early Access as well as the official March of War website for both PC and Mac platforms.

Developers said the whole point of the pilot episode is to ignite the community into creating an "alternate war-torn alternate dieselpunk 1940’s world."

Part of what sets March of War different from other strategy rpg games online is that it banks on the players to move the story and conflict forward.

"Each battle redraws the borders, shifting the balance and changing the world. These elements keep March of War in a constant player driven flux," said developer ISOTX.

After World Aflame, developers plan to release free monthly episodes which will be heavily influenced by the actions and wants of the community. Players can steer the course of content development by submitting ideas and voting for content.

The next planned update has been revealed to be March of War’s first themed episode “Soviet Storm” available in the Steam store and other portals starting August 1. Then the new episodes will be released on a rigid schedule of every first Thursday of the month. All future episodes will contain all of the previous episodic content and will be completely free, which should definitely please free to play mmo enthusiasts.

Mobile gamers though will need to sit tight. March of War is only set to land on the iOS and Android platforms sometime this summer.


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