March of War fires up Episode IV: Exalted Inferno

By Michael Jamias
march of war episode iv exalted inferno

The race for the throne promises to be a fiery fight to the finish in March of War's newly activated episode.

Episode IV: Exalted Inferno will trigger a special world event which will see mmo tacticians siding with one of three candidates with a rightful claim to the throne.

To add fuel to the feuding, ISOTX has introduced new units that strategy rpg fans can use to capture their rivals' territories and push their chosen candidate to victory.

New units include the Daimyo, Akuma-class battle tank, Shaolin Monk and the Korean Archers, all of which were chosen by players through Vote4War.

Just why did it come to this anyway, you ask? Well, the turmoil erupts when the Eunuchs successfully had the Empress assassinated, resulting in a succession vacuum. Three ambitious aspirants end up gunning to become the supreme ruler of the Shogun Empire.

Watch the Episode IV: Exalted Inferno trailer here to get a fiery first-hand look at the royal conflict:

No matter who ends up winning the throne, all participating players will be rewarded new units such as the Daimyo, Immortals, and five times the Napalm Strike and an avatar item.

But those who end up supporting the winning candidate will get the chance to receive extra units once they fulfill the new Emperor’s wishes.


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